Nihao from Yaodong and his online GXUT students in Liuzhou,CHINA


What  did she ask Vincent to make everyone burst into laughter?

A. Why wasn't Nicolas Sarkozy awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
  B. When would the present Italy learder receive his Nobel prize?
C. Who made the finally decision to award President Obama the peace prize this year?
 D. (your own question)

     Students had their say on e-learning
Sun Ningbiao ( a teacher of English himself now working in a vocational college in Guangdong,China): E-learning it is a very efficient and feasible way for me to keep up my English level. And i really hope this would be a choice of my students, because i know that they really need this since some of them have not even met one foreigner in their life.Given this into consideration, who will believe that they have learned a foreign language for more than 6 years! With the online resource,students can communicate with foreign students 'face to face'.
Isn't it a miracle?
By using the chatting software, I can talk freely with my friend without hesitation and discuss something we cannot talk openly.
Before using Internet, I always chat with my friends by phone and it is expensive. By using the Netphone I can chat for free. but actually I have overspent my time on it. At times when I surfed online I forgot my time!
I cannot believe it can happen on me. When I found someone I like I can spend a whole day talking with him.Now I am studying in UK and I still make use of online resource in English.It is a life-long process for me.By using the chatting software, I can talk freely with my friend without hesitation and discuss something we cannot talk openly.
 ( Li Huobin)
I had started my e-learning earlier than the Internet and EFL classroom I took this semester. However, the class did
change some view of mine on the e-learning.I at last found out that what is more important about the e-learning class is to communicate with students all around the world, rather than learn by oneself. In other words, interaction is essential for us to learn a foreign language because that is that is what language is for----communication……I began to talk to foreign friends using tools like MSN messenger and Skype.After some random visits to BBS,I found it a helpful place to communicate too. And all these experiences are even fun. You can even talk with him/her face to face with the help of video-conference. That must be and is really an exciting experience…With this tool, I am going to make friends with even more people all around world and get to know all the interesting culture which they are bred in. This way, I shall become a real resident in the global village.( Zhang Shaomeng )
from Cheng Chunhua ( GXUT student in 2003)

Cheng Chunhua: (After the e-learning course) I realized that we can study English by ourselves. We can learn by ourselves. The teacher becomes an indicator (She meant facilitator) to supervise us. We can doubt what he said and find enough evidence to argue with him. The book is not the only tool any more…..I make a friend and we share every interesting thing with each other; on the other hand, he can point out my mistakes in e-mail and correct them. I learn from the mistakes,
modify them and use them correctly.
It seems that the (e-learning) teacher open a door which leads to a new world of English learning. After I study this subject, I feel learning English is no longer boring. It is colourful, vivid and imaginative. With the variety of Internet resources, my interests of learning English is aspired again. ( Qin Tingting )